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Aurora Winter Tour

The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights remains an elusive treasure in the dark of winter. They offer breathtaking vistas that provide challenges to well seasoned photographers but will captivate and reward all those who witness them.

As we travel through the Icelandic countryside we will use every opportunity to capture this giant and colorful cosmic display as it lights up the dark wintery scenery.


Our Itinerary


Day 1: Thingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss 

Thingvellir National Park is our first stop where we explore the home of the old Icelandic Althing (Parliament) founded in 930. Situated where geology and nature blend together on this continental divide named as one of the UNESCO World’s Heritage site.

We will hike to Öxarárfoss and photograph the nearby crystal clear glacial filled crevasses. A short drive to Geysir, an Icelandic word for springing water and the name given to all Geysir’s worldwide,  gives us a close look at this geothermal area.  Close by is Gullfoss, a majestic waterfall located in the powerful glacier river of Hvítá.

There we can capture the icy grip that the Icelandic winter has on this grandiose waterfall and the nearby enormous river gorge.


Day 2: Mt. Hekla and Thjórsá valley 

The infamous volcano Mt. Hekla will dominate our landscape today. It’s impact and vast lava fields in Iceland’s history will be prominent as we meander through the lowland countryside. We will wander around and view Hjálparfoss and the Thjórsá Valley, laid to ruin by immense Mt. Hekla eruption in AD 1104. We will explore the various shapes and contrast that this mountain has created.

Day 3: Cap Dyrhólaey and South Coast 

Today we turn our lenses towards the South Coast of Iceland. This coast is on one hand desolated black lava sand and on the other hand tranquil farming land amidst towering glaciers and majestic waterfalls. Walking behind a waterfall and hiking onto the top of Cap Dyrhóley will give us among other things a unique perspective of this diversified landscape. The stark difference in walking on a vast black lava beach and onto a glacier tongue will give us the added feel of the texture and contrast of the South coast. The cozy and tiny village of Vík in Myrdal will welcome us for the night.

Day 4: Reykjanes peninsula and Kleifarvatn lake  

The lunar like landscape of Kleifarvatn and the nearby vibrant geothermal heat pools will be our destination today. This background gives us a further uncommon vista as we look for the show of the Northern Lights to capture.  Sand beaches are now replaced by sheer sea cliffs. The black moonlike erosive mountain cliffs with the immensely vivid colors of the thermal hot springs add a distinctive contrast to this monochromatic terrain. 

Key Features





8th - 11th October, 2022


Maximum Group Size

8 persons + guide



The fee for the tour is $2750.00 US


What is included

During this 3 day tour all costs are included; transportation, food, drink (excluding alcoholic beverages), local museum and accommodation. The price is based on two person sharing a room.





3* hotel or bed and breakfast



Breakfast, lunch (either seated or packed) and dinner are included. Emphasis on high quality local dishes. 



Comfortable and roomy tour bus


Arrival / Departure

Guests will be picked up from their hotel on Day 1 of the tour between 08:30AM - 09:30AM



A single supplement is available for a $700 additional charge 


Payment Schedule

Payments are made in two installments. A deposit of $750.00 must be made within 2 weeks of registration. The balance is due 60 days prior to departure.



Guests are responsible for their own airfare(s) to Iceland




Aurora Winter Tour

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