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Our Tours

The South Coast of Iceland and West Fjords are undoubtably among the most exciting places in the world for nature and travel photography. This secluded giant peninsula and dramatic coastlines are full of narrow and deep blue fjords, shallow and steep valleys dominated by sheer rock faces and serene green slopes. Some of the areas are very remote, while others are just off the main road.

West Fjords Tour
4th. - 14th June and
21st. - 30th.August  2022

Plan on plenty of strong coffee as we’ll be up at all hours of the night and day to take advantage of the spectacular midsummer nights’ sun, which sets the scene for extraordinary photography.

South Coast Tour
28th Feb - 3rd Mar, 2023

Our one week South Coast Workshop takes place during the spring when the land is just starting to be unlocked from the icy grip of winter. The cool ground and warming skies create dramatic mists and cloudscapes. 

Aurora Winter Tour
8th.- 11th Oct, 2022

The Aurora Borealis remain a hidden treasure in the depths of winter. Elusive and hard to photograph, even with the best equipment, they offer break-taking vistas that captivate and haunt all who witness them. 

Photo Gallery

With close to twenty hours of daylight during the summer, Iceland is a photographer’s dream for twilight photography. You may find by the end of the tour, you will have taken thousands of photographs, and if each one of those is worth a thousand words…you get the picture.

Our Tours

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